Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An Alaskan Review of "Our Sarah: Made In Alaska"

Determined to give an honest review and not to allow my friendships with the family influence my review of the book, I found it difficult in reading the first few pages not to notice similarities between what was being described, and what I know of the authors. “Fish out of water” feelings in describing the surreal nature of being thrust into the limelight, and the journey of their lives to this point described in ways I’ve witnessed in person, affirmed this book is truly written from the heart of these authors, not just from memory. Personal connections (and difficulties in the timeliness of my review) aside, I endeavor to review “Our Sarah: Made In Alaska.”

Being “Alaskan” is hard to describe to those outside without the typical clichés – the adventure, the rugged landscape and the people who inhabit it, and the lifestyle. I believe it’s all these things that make it hard to describe what it’s like to live here and become a part of it, but this book has done a very good job of describing the components that make up that pioneer spirit. Every person’s walk through life is different, and every Alaskan’s path is even broader. Not gushing over Sarah Palin’s accomplishments, but rather weaving a tale of their life’s journeys, you are left to the realization that each step in life forms us, shapes us, into who we become. We use these influences to make the decisions that affect ourselves and others. The how’s and why’s of Sarah Palin’s decisions as an individual and political influence are left to the reader - the book is a journey you take with Sarah Palin’s father and brother into who she has become. Not spending a lot of time gushing over Sarah and how exciting it is to be a family member, but more time telling Alaskan stories that build a framework of how Sarah came to be the person she is. This book is as much about living life in Alaska and taking all the best things from it, as it is a telling of how that lifestyle shaped who Sarah Palin is today.

The well-known topics of faith, patriotism, family, and a love of outdoors and sports, are dealt with affection and care. This is not a book that tells you why she is who she is – it’s more a book of discovery. While their writing styles are different, each chapter brings you closer to understanding more about Alaska and the Heath/Palin family.

While I personally know Chuck Sr. better than I do his son, I was surprised at some of the things revealed in this book – stories I’ve never heard and things about both their pasts that led to “ah ha” moments and put things into perspective. One of the things I’ve always enjoyed when being around Chuck Sr. are his stories – his ability to tell any tale. He is one who has a gift for being able to recount an event and not make the listener feel as if he is being told a “fish story,” but rather someone who has a sage wisdom about that of which he speaks. You’re privy to a piece of living history in the stories he recounts. His son is an amazingly good writer and does an excellent job of making this book enjoyable while telling his version of growing up, “Alaska Style” in the Heath household.

If you think you’ve heard it all, and read it all – think again. This book makes the picture clearer than ever before, told by those who lived it and were there, not by those who admire or have their own agenda. It led me to appreciate and understand them, and Sarah Palin, even more.

There will be those Alaskans (and those outside), particularly in the media, who will read this review and others and form their own opinions from the reviews – not the book. The comparisons will come as well as some negative meme, and that is truly unfortunate. As an Alaskan, I ask that you read the book and form your own opinion. We Alaskans enjoy our independence and free spirit – it suits us well. After reading this book you can’t help but have a better understanding and appreciation for the foundation that Sarah Palin’s family and their experiences have given her, and this book is a testament to that.

(Tracey Porreca is an Alaska resident and founder of Alaskans4Palin. Our Sarah: Made In Alaska was provided for review by MNS)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Grizzly Coalition Action Report

Check out the new Grizzly Coalition Action Report highlighting significant revelations of ongoing crony capitalism:

Listen to internet radio with Grizzly Fest on Blog Talk Radio

Friday, October 28, 2011

GrizzlyFest: The Restoration Continues...

On October 5th, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin let everyone know she would not seek the GOP nomination for the presidency at this time. She urged supporters to join her in continuing to fight to restore America’s “greatness, goodness, and our constitutional republic based on the rule of law.”

On Oct. 29th Palin supporters will gather for Grizzly Fest, an historic online summit to move ahead with a positive agenda of reform. Because we’ve still got our Grrrr on … Way ON!

Join your friends in the Palin grassroots movement including (Steve Bannon, Tammy Bruce, Jedidiah Bila, Peter Singleton, and representatives from C4P, O4P, Texans4Palin, and Team Sarah) to renew, reload and re-organize. The idea for Grizzly Fest sprang from Tammy Bruce’s suggestion for a Palinista “Meet-Up” to plot our next steps. It gathered steam during a recent Roderic Deane radio show. We’ve rounded-up an inspiring group of Grizzlies to discuss the success of the movement so far, the ongoing work of restoration, and what comes next as we rally around shared values and purpose.

We invite Palin supporters everywhere to listen in LIVE to this important discussion on Saturday, Oct. 29th from 10am to 1 p.m. AKST, and to share their own ideas in our dedicated forums. We will be announcing more details about this event in coming days, and launching a Grizzly Fest website.

After the historic elections of 2010, the conservative movement is on the ascendancy.

Now more than ever we have an opportunity to unite alongside Governor Palin to actively and “aggressively” support true public servants who will stop runaway government debt and job-killing regulations. We have the unique opportunity to promote free markets and energy independence. We have the opportunity as a large grassroots movement to continue to hold our elected leaders accountable, and to dismantle the government crony system that stymies our entrepreneurial spirit and siphons away untold billions from our public treasury.

We must fight for leaner government at all levels. We must defeat the permanent political class.

Sarah Palin has set the standard of public service — from her days as city council member, then as mayor, chairwoman of the Alaskan gas and oil commission, vice presidential candidate and governor of Alaska. She gave us the VISION of what we wanted in a leader.

Now it’s still up to us as constitutional conservatives to make that vision a reality across the country, to advance her vision of reform, ethics, and fiscal responsibility, and to support leaders with the restoration agenda.

The battle awaits. And we remain UNDEFEATED.

Here’s the line-up for Saturday … You can listen live on your computer or to a recorded podcast and interact in our forums with fellow “Grizzlies.”

Grizzly Fest Online Summit Agenda

When: Sat. Oct. 29,2011 10am- 1pm AKST
Where: On GrizzlyFest.com

Panel 1: Success of the Movement So Far – 10-11 a.m. AKST

Tammy Bruce, conservative radio host and author
Jedediah Bila, conservative columnist and author
Josh Painter – blogger, creator of Texans for Sarah Palin
Tami Nantz – blogger outreach coordinator of Smart Girl Politics, founder of Moms4SarahPalin

This panel will discuss the historic nature of the Palin movement, both in the blogosphere and in organizing, and the impact Palin supporters had on the historic 2010 midterms. Plus, what potential we have to make a difference in 2012. See The Palin Movement By the Numbers – Can You Feel the Power?

Panel 2: The Restoration Agenda – 11a.m. to 12 p.m. AKST

Steve Bannon, film producer and radio host

Jackie Siciliano, coordinator of Team Sarah
Stacy Drake, editor at Conservatives4Palin
Whitney Zahnd, Illinois O4P coordinator, blogger, and part of the Central Illinois 9/12 Project

This panel will identify the main themes we relate to as Palin supporters, many of which were documented brilliantly in The Undefeated, and how we can continue to make these issues front and center going forward in 2012 and beyond.

This is the panel where we will be discussing The Restoration Principles. If you haven’t already, be sure to click on the link and let us know what you expect from your elected leaders. These responses will be gathered up, and the best ones will be put in our Grizzly Fest poll.

Panel 3: Future of the Grassroots Movement 12-1 p.m. AKST

Peter Singleton, Iowa O4P coordinator
Janne Myrdal, North Dakota Tea Party Caucus , Concerned Women For America board member and state director, and North Dakota O4P coordinator
Thomas Schmitz, California O4P coordinator
Kristen Hendershot – Alaska resident, Alaska O4P coordinator, blogger at Alaskans4Palin

This panel will discuss the “boots on the ground” aspect of the Palin movement, and how we can continue to deploy for good causes.

Special guests (at the beginning of panels)

Sarah Jordan, The Grizzly Hour - 3 p.m. ET
Kevin Scholla, SarahNetRadio – 3 p.m. ET

Madeleine McAulay, FaithHope&Politics - 4 p.m. ET
Austin Harris, Iowa Students4Palin – 4 p.m. ET

Special guests (at the end of panels)

You’ll just have to tune in to find out!

Join your friends in the Palin Movement to renew, reload and re-organize!

Because … we’ve STILL got our GRRR on!!!

Grizzly Fest website

Grizzly Fest on Facebook

Grizzly Fest of Twitter

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Support Sarah's Decision

I have remained silent while Governor Palin pondered her decision to run for office. It must have weighed heavily on her to have such a monumental decision to make. She kept to her principals and put God first as she always does. She next considered the desires of her family and how her decision would affect them. I believe she has come to peace with her decision and I support her.

I am compelled to speak out because I have been watching closely the reactions of her most ardent supporters. While many have come to terms with her decision, others are trying to force her to reconsider. As much as we all would have loved to see her run, the position of President is not a mandatory obligation. It would do damage to the position and the person to take on the most powerful position in the world if that person was not freely accepting the obligations that come with the job.

The candidates running for President have committed themselves to the power and the burden that come with running our country. When God answered Sarah’s prayer, he answered with his guidance of destiny. She heeded His Word and she will move forward in supporting the right candidates for both President and Congress.

And while she may have chosen not to seek the presidential bid, we have not seen the last of her. Sarah will continue to speak her mind and represent all of the common sense conservatives. Rest assured, she will do her homework and back candidates that share her values and the values of all of her supporters. God bless her for being our tireless warrior!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Palin and Supporters: We Will Restore America - Together

By now, those of you who support Sarah Palin have heard or read her announcement regarding a potential presidential run. Although I am not surprised, it still gives me pause to see how some are reacting to this news.

Gov. Palin never promised she would run, nor did she ask those of us who support her to create blogs and organize groups in support of a possible presidential run. Being frustrated is understandable. So many of us see the direction this country is going in, especially after the last 3 years of the Obama administration, and many see a Palin presidency as the only solution to that problem. But the ideas and ideals that are ensconced within the essence of a Palin presidency originate from Gov. Palin herself, and she is not going anywhere folks. That same spirit, that same excitement is still there. Gov. Palin has told us all along that you don't need a title to make a difference. What better way to prove that point at this time?

Our country was founded, and our constitution crafted, by individuals who believed in a citizenry form of government. Palin the citizen feels she can be more effective as that - a citizen. It is no accident she titled her announcement "Restoring America Together." I for one can't wait to hear what she has to say about the current field of candidates and any future candidates that might announce. I am anxious to see who she supports. I feel she is a leader and this is how she has chosen to lead at this time - as a citizen.

I believe, as she said on the Bob and Mark show, that she had every intention of running. I do not believe (as some have intimated) that she "knew all along" she would make this announcement. Whatever her reasons for not running, they are hers and we all should respect that. I don't want Gov. Palin or anyone else going into the office of the presidency simply because she feels it is expected of her by others. This is a Herculean task, running this country. I feel that Gov. Palin is perfectly suited for this position, but only if this is the right time for her and only if she feels this is how she can be most effective.

Those who did not originally support her are rumored to be breathing a collective sigh of relief, but I believe that is also a misplaced response. She has always been a formidable voice, all the way back to her time on the oil and gas commission, as a Wasilla City Mayor, and as our governor. She will continue to be a voice to be heard on the United States political forefront. The discussion regarding Obamacare, the Tea Party, and crony capitalism are just a few of the national dialogues she has enhanced and led. Her intelligence, her willingness to jump in and say and do what needs to be said and done, is still available to us. This is just the next chapter. I for one am excited to see what the next chapter will be. Trust her folks. It's our time to Restore America, Together.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Got Duplicity?

It’s always been difficult to understand the thinking of the liberal left, but lately it has become mind-boggling. Has anyone else noticed the extreme duplicity of celebrities lately?

It’s bad enough that Roseanne Barr trashes up cable TV with her (*yawn*) Nuts show on Lifetime…for which she undoubtedly and unfortunately made a lot of money…only to turn around and call for the beheading of evil capitalists. Huh? And don’t get me started in Matt Damon…

But now we have noted liberal actress, Susan Sarandon, making a personal appearance in support of the Wall Street protestors.

photo via UK Daily Mail

“She told the crowd: 'I'm just here to be educated and offer my support. There’s a lot of different kinds of people here who want to shift the paradigm to something that’s addressing the huge gap between the rich and the poor.’”

OK, that’s to be expected from one of the world’s most famous Limousine Liberals.

But my jaw dropped while watching her protest. Isn’t this the same Susan Sarandon, caked in age-defying make up and perfectly coiffed, who has been hawking milk on the airwaves? As she marches from her cozy family room into her stainless steel, Viking appliance-appointed kitchen, she tells us that ‘the truth is delicious’.

Well, Ms. Sarandon, what is the truth? Is it how you appear in public or how you appear while selling a product? Normal people aren't confused by the blurred lines, but there is a segment of our society that can't distinguish fiction from reality.

I’ve listened to a few of the interviews with these protestors. They don’t know what they want. All they know is that wealth=bad, gimme, gimme, gimme, ‘cuz I/we deserve what YOU have earned.

The aimless young people and the AARP-eligible hippies in these marches are pathetic. It is irresponsible for Sarandon to be lending her image to this cause, and then turn completely around to present a false image to the rest of society for profit.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

So, Who are Bob and Mark?

For those who need a reminder of who Bob and Mark are, please refer to our post from April...

I have been stunned at the amount of attention our good friends Bob and Mark have attracted in the past few days at the suggestion that Palin might be on their show on April 1st and that she might be making a "big" announcement. Google 'Bob and Mark' 'Palin' and 'announcement' and you will find 7,860,000 results. Most of them showing no concept of who Bob and Mark are or any understanding of their past relationship with our former Governor.

Palin supporters have taken to Bob and Mark's facebook page, throwing accusation in a frenzied panic. Even higher profile Palin supporters like Tammy Bruce (never fear, I am a TAM) have missed the mark on this one. Bruce referred to Bob and Mark as "Canadian" and questioned their intentions and loyalty to Governor Palin.

To those in the state, a Palin appearance on the Bob and Mark show seems like an ordinary occurrence. Throughout her run for Governor of Alaska, she appeared on the show as often as 3 times a week, including the day she was elected. She continued as Governor to appear regularly, using their show as an effective way to move her message and ideas across our large state.

During her Vice-Presidential run, our rogue Governor Palin let us know how she was with a call into the Bob and Mark show just before her RNC speech. She also spoke with us through Bob and Mark on the day she returned from the trail and went back to work in Alaska as our Governor.

Since her resignation, Governor Palin, Bristol Palin, and even Piper Palin have appeared on the Bob and Mark show numerous times to discuss everything from everyday life to policy. During Bristol's time on Dancing With the Stars, Bob and Mark even coordinated an event for Bristol at Rumrunners (which was mistakenly identified by the LSM as a "bar"), in downtown Anchorage where Bob can frequently be spotted enjoying an ACES hockey game.

Palin has indicated on many occasions (see here and here for a few examples) that she would announce a run for the Presidency, should it ever occur, on the Bob and Mark Show. It is evidence of one of the many things we respect about her. She recognizes where her roots are.

Bob and Mark have been and continue to be ardent supporters of Governor Palin. They have at times questioned whether or not believe she intends to run for President in 2012, but they have never wavered in their support of her.

For those of us who have listened to Bob and Mark for years, the joke was funny and obvious. The panic that followed made it funnier. This statement made the joke a classic...

"Dear CNN, Fox news, MSNBC and all the other media outlets that spent the last week blowing up our phones, and email, and text messages…Today is April 1st. This is what we do. Learn to laugh at yourselves once in a while. Sarah has a MUCH better sense of humor than most of you. Thank God she gets it. Winning, sizzle..bye!"
Todd Palin addressed the joke as nothing more than a joke. Bob and Mark, on April 1st, slam dunk their April Fool's joke on their show, a portion of which can be heard here.

For those who doubt where these guys stand... have a listen. These are proud Alaskans talking with their Governor just before she makes her historic speech to the RNC accepting the nomination to run as the first female and first Alaskan Vice President of the United States.

And for those listening with bated breath for an announcement... RELAX. Over the years, we have learned that Governor Palin does things if and when she determines she should. Thus far her instinct has served her well. She'll do what she thinks is right at the time she thinks is right. Those outside who support her need to trust her.

And anyone who makes the Lamestream Media the butt of their April Fools joke, remains a friend of mine.