Friday, March 25, 2011

Palin and the Media: A Dying Fish or Media Flip-Flop

It could be said that the media is like the proverbial fish out of water flopping about in the throes of death desperate to disparage and malign Sarah Palin. Let's put them out of their misery, shall we, with a great big hammer of truth right between the eyes.

Here's the truth.

The media hasn’t always hated Sarah Palin.

In fact, before she was tapped to run as John McCain’s VP, they seemed to think she was a-okay. Instead of the constant spinning and outright hatred that is now being vomited 24/7 by narcissistic journalists who wouldn’t know truth if it slapped them in the face, the media used to be eager to hear what she had to say. Heck, they would even conduct complete interviews without cutting a single word!

Alaska Business Monthly interviewed Sarah Palin in the early months of 2007 shortly after she became governor. She answered questions concerning education, environmental issues, the war in Iraq, ethics reform, the natural gas pipeline, and why she vetoed the bill that sought to block the state from giving public employee benefits, such as health insurance, to same-sex couples. She also addressed the concerns of high unemployment in the rural villages, as per the quote below.
“As the 'First Dude,' one of Todd's big focuses is on work force development. Especially in rural Alaska, we need to make sure that our young people have opportunities. The fact that we import such a large percentage of our work force is a tragedy. There are great blue-collar jobs here that pay a lot of money, and we're flying people in from Outside to take them, when we have 80 percent unemployment rates in the villages. We need to provide our own people with the opportunities to gain skills, and to learn a strong work ethic.”
Oops! Another myth dispelled! She obviously does care for the fate of the rural villages and their peoples! Read the full interview here.

In Sarah Palin’s first year of office as governor Donny Baarns, a baseball radio reporter for Voice of the Visalia Rawhide (Arizona Diamondbacks affiliate, California League), interviewed her during a baseball game on July 6, 2007. It's a fairly straightforward interview apart from the interruptions of the game.

Also in July 2007, CBS affiliate in Anchorage, KTVA Channel 11, was also able to report without a single spin on the Governor’s Picnic and a bill that Governor Palin signed into law.

The Weekly Standard, July 16, 2007 offers high praise in their article, calling her “a politician of eye-popping integrity.” Wow! Hard to believe, isn’t it? Here’s a quote from the article:
"It's not just that she's pretty and young," says (pollster Dave) Dittman. "She's really smart. And there's no guile." (emphasis mine)
Read the full article here.

KTVA yet again offers a story on Dec. 6, 2007 without spin in which they even seem to agree with her!

On January 25, 2008, KTVA delivers another fair and balanced story on the “Alaska: State of the State Reaction” .

Yet another fair and balanced story by KTVA on March 7, 2008 concerning Governor Palin’s pregnancy announcement also showed the positive support of her constituents.

On May 15, 2008, KTUU Channel 2 News reported fairly on the popularity of Governor Palin. It seems that Alaskan were still quite sweet on Sarah even right before she was picked by McCain. Her popularity rating when she was first elected governor was in the 90’s and as of this story release, she was still enjoying a rating of 86%, which was something unprecedented, according to Jennifer Duffy, Senior Editor of The Cook Political Report.

In June 2008 KTVA Channel 11 was “very pleased” to have Governor Sarah Palin as their guest as they discussed the Supreme Court’s decision on limiting Exxon’s responsibility and punishment for the Exxon Valdez oil spill in the early 1990’s.

In the next three interviews, Governor Palin highlights the need for energy independence. Her foresight of the need for energy independence is the common thread throughout the interviews. All three interviews were without spin and available in their full entirety.

The first interview was with Larry Kudlow on June 25, 2008:

Kudlow also puts Sarah Palin at the top of his list for the 2008 VP interviews, saying she has a point of view that he had never heard before and that it underscored her independence.  Read the full article here.

The third interview took place August 28, 2008 just days before Governor Palin was tapped by Senator McCain to run as his vice presidential candidate. She was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo about energy and oil production in Alaska. The following are two separate quotes from the interview.
“I cannot believe that a domestic solution is any part of a national energy policy if they’re not going to let Alaskans drill in…on our own lands and on federal lands within our own state; and if a domestic solution isn’t part of a national energy plan then our nation is in a world of hurt. We’re going to continue to be reliant on foreign, dangerous regimes to feed our hungry markets.”
“We better be making decisions to allow this American supply of energy to be tapped or we are going to become more and more beholden to these foreign regimes and again our nation is going to be in a world of hurt when you talk about national security, when you talk about ever reaching potential toward energy independence if we cannot implement a domestic solution for this national energy policy.”
Maria conducted the interview respectfully and without any “gotcha” moments that some of her colleagues have been known to perpetuate. Watch the entire interview here:

After the election, Rebecca Palsha with KTUU Channel 2, an NBC affiliate in Anchorage, was interviewed by MSNBC about Governor Palin. It seems as if she couldn’t find anything bad to say. In fact, she had this to say,
“You know the governor really hasn’t had that many controversies in Alaska so far.”

Finally, there was this great interview with John Carpenter of KTUU Channel 2 while on Governor Palin was on her tour promoting her NY Times bestseller, Going Rogue, in 2009.  Apparently, there is at least one journalist who is still fair and balanced in his reporting.  Part one talks about AGIA and ACES.

Part two is about a possible presidential campaign in 2012 and Governor Palin also talks about her reasons for stepping down as governor.

It’s apparent that before the media was against her, they were for her. So why have they so viciously turned on Governor Palin? That answer I do not know, but I suspect it has something to do with small petty minds, jealousy, hatred for the truth, and a liberal agenda that is being pushed at the behest of a mack daddy government.


  1. Excellent post. I'll share it.

  2. Can a non-Alaskan post a comment here? I tell you, as a (former)Democrat I caucused for Hillary and was in fact the only one who voted for her in my precinct. When Barack Obama won the nomination, I voted McCain-Palin only because Gov. Palin was on the ticket. I have not heard of her until she was tapped as VP running mate. But her record spoke volumes and that was good enough for me. That interview with Maria Bartiromo was also very, very impressive when I saw it back in 2008 and it was an eye-opener as far ANWAR development is concerned. Thank you so much for working hard on setting the truth about the Governor. Your efforts are worthwhile because America is waking to what true leadership is. Alaska is lucky to have had her as governor, you have no choice now but to share her with the rest of the nation. - N. Labonete, Washington

  3. Nina, thank you for this post, I appreciate your hard work in putting this excellent post together.

  4. Excellent compilation!

    Looking at this I get angry at the lamestream media because of the manipulative, partisan and hurtful lies with the intent to destroy Gov. Palin. Lies that become so blatant if you do any research. You should not have to verify news stories from what should be credible news outlets.

    Can you believe the difference between now and then? You would think that members of the lamestream media would say 'if we don't restore ethical reporting people will no longer trust us and we will render ourselves irrelevant!'

    Maybe postings like this may help them see the light.

    - Karen in Michigan