Friday, May 6, 2011

Sarah Palin or a Dark Horse Candidate for President?

The weeding process has begun.  Last night the first Republican Presidential debate took place in South Carolina.  Those participating included Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Gary Johnson, Herman Cain, and Ron Paul.  While the major contenders were noticeably absent, this debate proved to be very enlightening.   

For true social and fiscal conservatives, the winner hands down was Herman Cain.   The reasons were many.  His conservative positions were a major factor, but I believe his ability to articulate those stances, his personality, and, the big one, his not being a part of the establishment helped to seal his win. 

An article about the debate, found on The Tree of Mamre blog, details each candidate in the debate as well as the major players who were absent, and the issues they will have to overcome in order to win the GOP nomination.  The author’s perspective, in my opinion, is refreshing and right on the mark.  Read the entire article HERE.

While the author contends that's it's possible a "dark horse" could win the nomination, he also expounds on the reason why Sarah Palin would win the GOP nomination over the other male candidates.  In his words, "she is the best candidate because she can get out the vote and the others can’t.”  Whether it is true or not won’t be known until she announces her intentions concerning the 2012 Presidential election.  But I suspect the author of the blog may be right.  Sarah Palin can draw a crowd like no other, and  her enthusiasm and love of this country is invigorating and motivating.  She's a patriot to the core and the presidential role model America needs to get its priorities back on track.   


  1. Thanks so much for the link. I am glad you stopped by my blog.

  2. Cain seems like a nice enough guy but he knows nothing about government. Out of all the possible nominees, Gov. Palin was the only one who went to tornado ravaged Alabama to help clean up and give these folks some hope. Did you all see the picture Samaritans Purse took of her and Todd praying w a farmer? That my friends is leadership not standing on a stage in a suit.

  3. Gov Palin will win the nomination not simply because she can get out the vote, but because she leads the discussion.

    As Cain's victory in the debate shows common sense conservatism is what is driving the debate in the GOp party today. And it is that conservatism that was brought to the fore by Gov Palin in 2009 and shaped by her over the last 2 years. Palin is the thought leader on common sense conservatism and continues to expand it. Cain for all his success on Thurs showed that he was a pale imitation of the leader of the movement, Gov Palin,

  4. Sarah is my favorite politician. However, IMO she has been unfairly destroyed by the MSM and the Alaska bloggers. There are two anti Palin books due out by the middle of May. They will given alot of publicity. Sarah and her team will need to go on the counter attack.

  5. Sarah Palin shows that she's a leader using the time to go to where the disaster that has occured in Alabama. Everybody lets not sell Herman Cain short because he did a great job at the debate. If Palin does choose to run in 2012, I feel the primary will come down to Palin and Cain. Palin would've won the debate if she was there. Besides she has a foot hold in South Carolina since she endorsed Governor Niki Halley. I would like a Sarah Palin/Herman Cain ticket in the 2012 Presidential Election because both of them are outsiders. When I say outsiders, I mean people that had no connections in Washington D.C. People these days want an outsider. They're tired of these insiders from Washington D.C. especially Barack Hussein Obama.